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MockAI interviewer can now see, hear and speak

Our AI interviewer reviews your code, listens to your reasoning, and engages in real-time. Practice coding interviews and get instant feedback.

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Communication First

MockAI's expert interviewer enhances your communication skills with real-time feedback, ensuring you excel in technical interviews.

AI-Powered Precision with Handpicked Questions

We've selected top tech interview questions and optimized our AI to handle every scenario. Choose a company or practice with our curated list.

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What skills are they looking for in a coding interview?

- A survey conducted with over 200 senior engineer and interviewers

MockAI conducted survey with over 200 hiring managers and engineers at top tech companies. We found a unanimous agreement: success in passing a coding round isn't about memorizing solutions. It's about communication and problem-solving skills. At MockAI, we're committed to offering a realistic interview experience that better prepare you for these crucial skills.

"The better communicator always stands out in a coding interview"

- Ben, former VP at Google

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UCSD Graduate Student

I was an early adopter of MockAI since their Alpha Launch and it's really helped me get better at interviews. Thanks to practicing on MockAI, I've passed several phone interviews. I definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their interview skills.


MIT Graduate Research Assistant

I recently had the chance to talk with the founders of MockAI and I'm genuinely convinced about the impact their platform has on interview preparation. It's transformed the way I approach interviews, making it my top choice for practice.


Senior Software Engineer at Google

I love it! I’ve been interviewing SWEs at Google for a few years, and I often see that candidates struggle with explaining their thoughts clearly and showing how they solve problems. MockAI really helps with these issues, making it a great tool for anyone looking to get better at these skills.


Hiring Manager at Meta

MockAI offers precisely the kind of interview feedback that we look for when hiring software engineers at Meta. It evaluates candidates on key dimensions: communication, problem-solving, algorithms, and coding. This targeted feedback helps candidates pinpoint and refine the areas they need to work on for better performance.


UPenn, Computer Science

Software Engineer at Robinhood

I started using MockAI for interview prep after graduating from UPenn in April, and it's been a huge help. It’s more interactive than just grinding on Leetcode, which really boosted my confidence. This really paid off during my interviews at Robinhood, making it easier to explain my thought process clearly.


Arizona State University, Computer Science

I never thought an AI interviewer could be so interactive. MockAI guides the interview process just like a real interview, giving me a clear idea of what to expect in actual settings. It's user-friendly and smooth, helping me gain valuable experience before facing real interviews.


UC Berkeley, Computer Science

Practicing with this platform has significantly improved my communication, thought process, and ability to manage time under pressure during interviews. Thanks to my practice on MockAI, I recently accepted an offer from Meta. I highly recommend it to anyone aiming to enhance their interview performance.